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Single Post: Halloween’s makeup idea / kyarypamyupamyu

Halloween’s makeup idea / kyarypamyupamyu

Model and singer kyarypamyupamyu’s has always drawn lots of attention for her unique and extreme personal style in fashion. Her hairstyles and makeup is always interesting in my opinion.

Since halloween is round the corner, I will pickup some of Kyary’s extreme fashion that might give you some ideas on halloween costumes and makeups. So be my guest if you run out of one, except they aren’t those creepy ones.

Makeup illustrating a big and crooked mouth. And the teeth… don’t they look like those from jaws?
Interesting halloween face makeup

Devil barrettes too kiddy for taste? Set your own devil horn using your own hair! Put on your vampire fangs, red lipstick on lip and you are on your way to suck all the blood (*^-`)v
Halloween vampire attire and hair

How about this latest bat wing hairstyle of kyarypamyupamyu? Isn’t it amazing that the wing can spread this big and high? Everyone at the halloween is going to get flabbergasted with this one for sure l_(@.@)_l
Interesting bat hairstyle for halloween

kyarypamyupamyu said that she wasn’t expecting the flowers to be so heavy. But my eyes are not on her hair, but her eyelashes!! It’s not about the length. It’s… its… aren’t they feathers from the birds? (*O*)!!
Feather eyelashes make for halloween

Green hair single eye monster and teddy bears wear (how may teaddy bears need to be disposed because of this?) But nice and innovative! (*’v'*)
Cute Japanese styles halloween costume ideas

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