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Single Post: Japanese autumn/winter knee high boots

Japanese autumn/winter knee high boots

It will soon be the season where boots are needed to keep the legs warm as the days start turning cooler. So today’s pickups will be the in the trend knee high boots that emphasizes on details at the back.

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Back lace knee high boots / long boots
Back lace detail long boots look equally as cool as front lace up boots. Rather than the fully lace up designs, I love Japanese boots with simple partial back lace details like these.

Japanese style back lace knee high boots

  • 1. Chic black long cuffed boots (8.5cm) / ilima by pure elegance / 10,290yen
  • 2. Greige suede long boots (9cm) / vanitybeauty / 10,290yen
  • 3. Red suede long wedge boots (6cm) / 15,750yen
  • 4. Camel 2way long boots (lace up) (10.5cm) / ESPERANZA / 34,440yen
  • 5. Black suede long boots (5cm) / 33,600yen
  • 6. Gray long boots with back ribbon (5.5cm) / Dip Drops / 9,950yen
  • 7. Camel long boots (belted design at back) (4.5cm) / OPAQUE.CLIP / 9,990yen
  • 8. Black long cuffed boots (8cm) / ilima by pure elegance / 10,290yen
  • 9.Beige knee high boot (leather lace) (11.5cm) / 38,640yen
  • 10. Black suede long boot (10cm) / 42,000yen

Back buckle detail knee high boots
Boots with back buckles like these enhance classiness and elegance.

Japanese back buckle knee high boots

  • 11. Brown knee high boots (7cm) / 29,400yen
  • 12. Black knee high boots (Zipper & vertical buckle design) (10cm) / BABY PURE / 14,490yen
  • 13. Beige knee high wedge boots (ribbon-like buckle design) (5.5cm) / Feroux / 14,700yen
  • 14. Reddish brown long boots (9cm) / 39,900yen
  • 15. Camel knee high wedge boots (spangled with studs) (4.5cm) / OPAQUE.CLIP / 11,900yen

Bow back knee high boots / long boots
And of course back bow details are not forgotten in long boots for the sweet, girly style.

Japanese bow back knee high boots

  • 16. Black cuffed long boots(7.5cm) / vanitybeauty / 10,290yen
  • 17. Beige cuffed long boots (8.5cm) / 19,950yen
  • 18. Black asymmetrical long boots (heel lined with stones) (1.5cm) / 22,050yen
  • 19. Camel long boots (Double tiny back ribbons detail) (10.5cm) / bonica dot / 34,860yen
  • 20. Black long boots (7.5cm) / Feroux / 15,750yen

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