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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Famous anime hero & Hello Kitty postage stamps

Now, Hello kitty makes her appearance in postage stamps (*o*)!!
For the past few summers (this year too), Hello Kitty and her childhood friend, “Dear Daniel” became regular team members of “greeting stamps” released by Japan post. “Greeting stamps” are to meant to promote the exchange of letters, postcards during summers.

Kitty is so popular in Japan that she has become part of the daily life, appearing in electronic goods, utensils, accessories, etc.

Sorry for this delayed post, but “Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel” postage stamps might not be available since it is already past summer (*_ _)

Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel postage stamps in Japan

I couldn’t believe my luck that one of the Hello Kitty stamps turned up at my postbox.
The hair salon that I visited for the first time last week, sent a greeting card with the cute Kitty stamp affixed and that was how I got it!

Hello Kitty & annime postage stamp

But popular characters aren’t the only ones showing up on stamps.
Hero & heroine of famous Japanese anime are getting a place too, taking turns to show up in special edition postage stamps.

Postage stamps featuring anime “Rascal the Raccoon”, will be released this October.
And Wow! Looking at the stamps alone brought back wonderful recollections of the anime.
It choked me with emotions how these stamps have resurrected a 35 years old anime (T.T)

Araiguma Rasukaru postage stamp

Over the years, Japan has produced many old yet meaningful and excellent anime that touched many hearts. And it is a wonderful idea that memories of such beautiful, famous works could be recap once again through the use of stamps in my opinion.

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Lily Brown & ViVi autumn fashion coordinates

Japanese sweet fashion styles for autumn

From the sweet girly to elegant to glamorous styles, Lily brown’s fashion covers wide variations. Three fashion coordination pick outs from ViVi magazine for this one.

Please inquire through the below button for more details about the coordinates.

1. Sheer lace sleeve cut & sew + Floral flare skirt

Floral flare skirt paired with lovely cut & sew that featuring sheer puff sleeves. Simple, sweet girly coordination.

  • 1-1 Sheer lace sleeve cut & sew / 5,880yen
  • 1-2. Large floral prints studs flare skirt / 8,820yen
  • 1-3. cross ankle-strap flatform shoes / 10,920yen
  • 1-4. Ribbon headband / 2,100yen
  • 1-5. Tweed Pochette / 7,770yen

2. Mesh fabric short pant + Color block knit dress

The brilliant use of mesh fabric in this coordination. The style is a mix between modern and vintage style, very trendy and sweet.

  • 2-1 Short pant (mesh) / 7,770yen
  • 2-2. Color block round neck knit dress / 6,930yen
  • 2-3. Sparkling collar necklace / 4,830yen
  • 2-4. Squarish fur bag (black & nude) / 10,920yen
  • 2-5. Flatform sneakers / 9,870yen

3. Color block knit mini dress

For a switch from the chic, monotone style, color block dress can be interesting! They are so cool and stylish without looking showy with the right coordinations.

  • 3-1. Color block panel dress / 9,870yen
  • 3-2. Hat / 6,930yen
  • 3-3. Lace clutch bag / 7,770yen
  • 3-4. Black ankle boot / 11,970yen
Japanese retro style dress (cocktail dress)

Large floral prints balloon hem dress

Classic floral prints dresses in the 50s are making a comeback again but in minis this time.

Make head turns with this fabulous vintage inspired retro style dress (*^.-)
The large and bright floral prints are meant to create an impression. Fine details like open back, balloon hem and horizontal pleats design at the waist are stunning and beautiful.

BEG color is only limited to purchase on the web.


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Ankle boots for autumn in Japan

Autumn ankle boots collection from Japanese magazine Ray.
These are a few that I pick outs from the wide variety of designs.

Please inquire through the below button for more details.
The various terms between ankle boots, short boots and booties got me confused. They look all the same to me… (*- -;)

Ribbons motif booties
Yes, ribbon stuffs are cute and sweet. And ribbons on booties do the same tricks. They look simply so girlish!
Japanese cute style ribbon anklet boots

  • 1. Checked bootie with black bow-back (9cm) / 19,740yen
  • 2. Black bootie with side ribbon buckle details (10cm) / 16,800yen
  • 3. Peep toe houndstooth check bow ribbon bootie (10cm) / 16,800yen
  • 4. Yellow bow back bootie (8.5cm) / 19,950yen
  • 5. Beige suede bootie with ribbon laces (8.5cm) / 15,750yen
  • 6. Black leather ribbon bow bootie (9.5cm) / 13,650yen
  • 7. Tweed fold-over cuff, black bow-back bootie (7.5cm) / 21,840yen
  • 8. V-slit, peep toe black suede bootie with ribbon details (9cm) / 9,975yen

Bordeaux color booties
Bordeaux color, is going to dominate this autumn. Cool, trendy and chic, they are bound to leave a strong impression. (*^.-)
Japanese bordeaux color anklet boots

  • 9. Wide width suede bootie (9cm) / 14,490yen
  • 10. Suede & enamel with studs details ankle boot (8.5cm) / 18,900yen
  • 11. Suede drape ankle boot (9.5cm) / 9,345yen
  • 12. Suede bootie with side ribbon detail (7.5cm) / 8,295yen
  • 13. Leather & ankle strap bootie (10cm) / 9,975yen
  • 14. Faux fur ankle boot (9cm) / 19,740yen

Simple & basic design booties
Owning a pair of simple design bootie is convenient. They go well with anything.
Japanese basic style anklet boots

  • 15. V-Slit Greige suede ankle boot (9cm) / 6,990yen
  • 16. Black leather and suede bootie (12.5cm) / 22,050yen
  • 17. Beige crossbelt bootie (12.5cm) / 12,390yen
  • 18. Black wedge bootie (8cm) / 36,750yen
  • 19. Beige nude bootie (12cm) / (DazyClair) / 9,345yen
  • 20. Black ankle boot with belt (8.5cm) / 22,050yen
  • 21. Navy blue bootie with checked ribbon at sides (8cm) / 24,150yen

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Japanese artist’s goldfish art

These are not real goldfishes. And neither are they paintings.

They are some works of famous artist Riusuke Fukahori who uses layers of resin to create three-dimensional effect sculptures. Riusuke Fukahori has pursued to create the lifelike 3D goldfish by painting on layers of resins.
Such technique is unprecedented in arts.

His works are simply stunning. The goldfishes look so breathtakingly real and beautiful and so full of life, as if they are swimming peacefully inside the containers.
Each work is a long process as time is needed for each layer of resin to harden before continuing.

The below picture links to the site of Mr. Riusuke Fukahori if you want to know more about the works. The site is in Japanese language only.

If you want to get one of his works, they will only be sold on his exhibition gallery. Its too bad, because there seems to be quite a number of inquires from Japan and even overseas…

Goldfish art resin

3D goldfish art

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Japan autumn fashion / Knit and fit & flare dresses

Autumn’s two sweet popular dresses pick ups from ViVi.
They are lovely choices for dates and going out.

Please inquire through the below button for more details about the coordinates.

Japanese Sweet Retro style fashion

Embroidered floral prints
knit dress

Japan fashion / cute & sweet style (shirring fit & flare)

Fit and flare
long sleeve dress

1. Embroidered floral prints knit dress

Vintage inspired large embroidered elegant rose prints looks so sweet and lovely on this mini knit dress. Classic loose silhouette creates a very soft gentle image.

Pair it with tights or shorts or even tulle skirts if you find the dress too short for your liking.


1-1. Short boot (MIIA)


2. Fit and flare long sleeve dress

Icy colors will be the color trend to keep an eye on this autumn.
This girly icy pink fit and flare, long-sleeve dress features figure flattering shirred bodice and sleeves.

A bit of volume and double layered tiered design on the skirt creates a floatiness to enhance the sweet, next door girl’s style.


2-1. Woman’s loafers with decorative metal studs at sides (HEELS UPTOWN)


2-3. Floral headband (Stellar Hollywood)


2-3. Short socks (House of Socks)


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Japanese idol girls groups

Japan has produced many pop idols that came and went over the years. The most remarkably successful ones were pop idol groups like “SPEED” and “Morning Musume” that once created idol craze across ASIA. Recent idol group that are making new waves in here is AKB48.

AKB48 is not only gaining a foothold in Japan, their fanbase are getting global too. Apart from AKB48, there are two pop idol groups that are rising fast in popularity is “momoirokuro clover Z” and “Fairies”.

Below are some details about these three groups.

The famous man who produces AKB48 is Yasushi Akimoto.
Every year, they will hold a senbatsu election to decide the participating members for the upcoming single (The top 16 gets the right).
The members of AKB48 is increasing and until Year2012, the group has close to 100 members. These years, AKB48 has been regulars of big annual music show, “NHK kohaku”.
And,,, Mr. Yasushi Akimoto’s wallet is continuing to get thicker. No doubt (^_-) ~~

“Momoirokuro Clover Z” is another charming, pop idol group, consisting of 6 members. The incorporation of intense acrobatic dance steps into their songs during performance is impressive. Their dance are so full of energies that its hard not to draw attention.
Get thrilled by their perfomance! (@.@)

Fairies make their debut in Year 2011. The group is made up of 7 sweet, cutie teenage girls whose average age is 14.6 years (at Y2012)! Young fairies proved that age is not a factor for good performance. Their music and powerful rythmic dance moves leaves a strong impact and won fans all over.
I just realized that they belong to same talent agency that once manages Namie Amuro and SPEED. Their style has a certain similarity. No wonder (-_-”)

Note:- If you are a Japanese pop idol group craze and wants to buy idol goods, idol costumes (AKB48 or any others) or even subscribe to pop idol group services (service to receive messages from idol), we can support. Please inquire through the below button.

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Japanese fashion styles / Feminine autumn coordinates

Feminine and stylist autumn fashion coordinates pick ups from October issue’s Ray magazine.

Please inquire through the below button for more details about the coordinates.

MUST have style for this autumn in Japan. Skinny pants with cute floral prints!!
Colorful skinny pant paired with simple bordeaux knit is a good choice as it tones down the bold color of the pant. The overall style is casual but sweet.

Like the one in the picture layering interesting tank tops underneath creates variations.

  • 1-1 Bordeaux knit (BUONA GIORNATA) / 7,980yen
  • 1-2. Red tank top mesh design (COCO DEAL) / 2,940yen
  • 1-3. Roses prints black skinny pant (RYZA) / 13,650yen
  • 1-4. Beige hat (kaorinomori) / 6,615yen
  • 1-5. Beige shoulder bag (tity&Co.) / 7,245yen
  • 2-1 Pink knit (Honey Salon) / 14,700yen
  • 2-2. Lace tank top (DazyClair) / 5,145yen
  • 2-3. Vintage inspired floral-print skinny pant (labyrinth) / 5,985yen
  • 2-4. Clutch bag (Jewelna Rose) / 9,975yen
  • 3. Black & pink rose prints pant (OZOC) / 6,990yen
  • 4. Large floral-print pant in purple (CECIL McBEE) / 4,935yen

Trend of feminine and elegant ruffle and peplum skirts continue their way into autumn.
Feminine and ladylike styles are the reasons why they enjoy popularity here.
Cascading ruffle skirt that the model wears, wins in terms of uniqueness and it looks so elegant and classy.

  • 1-1 Black leather jacket with cute frills (choosy choo) / 13,440yen
  • 1-2. Camel cascading ruffle skirt (Double standard) / 19,950yen
  • 1-3. Leopard print bag (GIANNI CHIARINI) / 40,950yen
  • 2-1 Sleeveless bow tie blouse (DazyClair) / 8,295yen
  • 2-2. Beige peplum skirt (Million Carats) / 6,195yen
  • 2-3. Camel chain bag (Samantha Vegas) / 19,425yen
  • 3. Purple culottes with frills at the sides (MURUA) / 5,775yen
  • 4. Beige tiered frills skirt (miel crishunant) / 5,460yen

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Where to buy tickets for fujiko f fujio museum

If you are thinking to buy Fujiko f fujio Museum tickets outside Japan, we can help you buy the tickets in advance.

Advanced tickets purchase of up to 2 months are opened on the last day of each month.
We can only handle inquiry of max up to 2 months ahead.
Please inquire through the below button or Tickets inquiry

To check the cost »»

Note: -
Tickets must be reserved and purchased in advance. You can’t purchase the tickets in actual day at the museum.

There are 4 entry timings per day as follows:
(1) 10:00 (2) 12:00 (3) 14:00 (4) 16:00

(Updated on 30th-Jan-2013)

Do you know about “Fuji.F.Fujiko” museum?
Ok,,, the name of the museum might sound new to the ears.
The next should ring a bell. Heard of manga like “Perman”, “Obake no Q-tarō” and perhaps the most famous of all, “doraemon”? These are the works of Fujiko.F.Fujio.

Fuji.F.Fujiko museum, located just outskirt of Tokyo in kawasaki city, just opened its door in year 2011. Though the museum is young, the characters are not. They are famous characters that warm the heart of many readers and are still being remembered today.

The highlights?
Expect to see exhibitions of the ORIGINAL pictures of the works of Fujiko.F.Fujio, watch films in the theater that could only be watched in this museum and nowhere else!! Meet manga characters when you go for a stroll in the field. And lots more.

Children or even adults will find this place fun to hang out.

By the way, its Doraemon’s birthday today. His born date is on 2112-Sep-03. So today marks his “100 years before” birth date (^_^)
~~ Happy “100th years before” Birthday DORAEMON!! ~~

buy doraemon museum tickets


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Japanese fashion trend / autumn dresses

Here are some sweet lovely dresses for this autumn picked up from October issue of ViVi magazine.

Please inquire through the below button for more details.

1~3. Dresses with cute peter pan collars
Who can resist dresses with Peter Pan collar design?
And the good news is the trend continues its way into autumn. Here in Japan, we a see lots of fanciful and cute design showing up.

Studs embellished leather peter pan collars, elegant double layers peter pan collars, gorgeous pearl embellished peter pan collars, these are just come some of them.

The dresses just look so sweet with them!

  • 1. Leather peter pan collar mini dress (Noela) / 13,650yen
  • 2. Double layer sheer peter pan collar mini dress (Bauletto Key) / 8,295yen
  • 3. Pearl embellished peter pan collar dress in cute flocky dots (rosebullet) / 13,650yen

Which type of fashion are you into? The cool type? Or the sweet, kawaii type?

4. Leather fabric is the fashion trend for this autumn.
This cool, sexy knit dress features dual fabric usage, with the use of leather on the shoulders portion. A dropped waistline, mini length floaty fit and flare adds sweetness.

  • 4-1. Leather & knit dress (Laguna moon) / 7,980yen
  • 4-2. Pearls embellished beret (RYZA) / 9,450yen
  • 4-3. Leopard print bag (deicy) / 18,900yen

5. An extremely beautiful dress that features simple straight silhouette in comfortable wool material, decorated with plenty of peals and rhinestones in the forms of flowers at the front. Belt detail adds sweet, girly accent to the dress.

  • 5. Sweet wool dress embellished with pearls and rhinestones (MIIA) / 8,925yen

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