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Single Post: Japanese artist’s goldfish art

Japanese artist’s goldfish art

These are not real goldfishes. And neither are they paintings.

They are some works of famous artist Riusuke Fukahori who uses layers of resin to create three-dimensional effect sculptures. Riusuke Fukahori has pursued to create the lifelike 3D goldfish by painting on layers of resins.
Such technique is unprecedented in arts.

His works are simply stunning. The goldfishes look so breathtakingly real and beautiful and so full of life, as if they are swimming peacefully inside the containers.
Each work is a long process as time is needed for each layer of resin to harden before continuing.

The below picture links to the site of Mr. Riusuke Fukahori if you want to know more about the works. The site is in Japanese language only.

If you want to get one of his works, they will only be sold on his exhibition gallery. Its too bad, because there seems to be quite a number of inquires from Japan and even overseas…

Goldfish art resin

3D goldfish art

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