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Japan’s Christmas cakes

Ever wonder how Christmas cakes look like in the creative hands of the Japanese? Since Christmas Day is round the corner, here are some collections picked up from Antenor, a famous cake and pastry shop in Japan.

Do check out on their site if you are interested.

Christmas Yule log cake has been a standard in the world.
Antenor’s log cakes came with a total of 3 flavors, Chocolat, Berries and Mont Blanc. And how sweet to incorporate Santas Claus into the design.
Which is your pick? Mine goes to chocolat not because of the design, but simply because of my passion for chocolat (*^-^*)b 
Japan cute Christmas log cakes

Santa garden (10,500yen)
Can you tell this cake is large enough to share 20 people?
A party size cake with Snowman & Santa claus surrouned by plenty of strawberries & fruits. That’s simply luxurious~~
Japan Christmas cake for party

Noel Duet (6,720yen)
A 2 tier cake!?No, its not a wedding cake. And of course, it’s a Christmas cake. And there he is, the leading star, Santa standing right at the top looking for the next destination to dispatch his gifts! Cute little thing, isn’t he?
Japan Christmas 2 tier cake

Christmas cake in single pieces (525yen)
Calories is your big enemy? Opt for the single pieces Christmas cake.
Santas claus and snowman motifs cakes are just too irresistible not to bring back home (^__-)v
Japan Christmas cake slices (Snowman, Santa claus)

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How to coordinate ankle socks & tattoo tights

Japanese ladies’ idea of stylish does not stay only on clothings. Efforts are spent on accessories, shoes & socks for the perfect overall coordination.

Today’s pickups from ViVi will be looking into some techniques on how to mix and match the latest trend, ankle socks and shoes and some tattoo tights. A chance to get some tips on the Japanese people’s creative way of coordination.

Please inquire through the below button for more details.

Wow! A whole nine ideas on how to mix and match ankle socks with shoes. All you need is a bit of creativity to put you in the lead of fashion (*^-^*)
Japanese fashion styles / Ankle socks coordination

  • 1~2. Frilly ankle socks + Women gore boots
  • 3~4. Plaid ankle socks + flatform shoes
  • 5~6. Sheer ankle socks + pumps
  • 7~8. Polka dots ankle socks + sneaker
  • 9~10. Two tone ankle socks + Lace up bootie
  • 11~12. Deep color ankle socks + Women engineer boots
  • 13~14. Horizontal stripes at the edge ankle socks + slip-ons
  • 15~16. Leopard patterns ankle socks + Oxford shoes
  • 17~18. Full prints ankle socks + Women Oxford creepers

New tattoo tights collection continue to grow and the designs get cuter & cuter.
Tattoo leggings are coming up and and looks set to become the next hit item.

Japanese fashion styles / Tattoo tights

  • 1~4. Tattoo print tights
  • 5~7. Character prints tattoo tight
  • 8. Line tattoo tight
  • 9~10. Simple single ankle tattoo tight
  • 11. Native tribal prints tattoo tights
  • 12. Knee high socks-like tattoo tights

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Japanese fashion style / fit & flare dresses (II)

More of the fit & flare dresses coordinates from ViVi model, Triendl Reina.
For those who loves the sweet girly styles.

Please inquire through the below button for more details about these coordinates.

Japanese autumn & winter dresses / tuelle, chiffon with peter pan collar

Two simple but cute, lovely dresses for the gorgeous look.
(1). Black chiffon dress with a slightly larger than usual white peter pan collar.
(2) A dress with a bit of volume & significant amount of tulle.

  • 1-1. Chic chiffon dress with cute large peter pan collar (blondy) / 29,190yen
  • 1-2.Flower & studs hairband (TOPSHOP) / 2,520yen
  • 1-3. Beige heart-shaped bag (MIIA) / 6,825yen
  • 1-4. Lacy anklet socks / 954yen
  • 1-5. Black cross strap pumps (tity&Co.) / 12,600yen
  • 2-1. Dress with tulle details, mini length (Honey mi Honey) / 18,900yen
  • 2-2. Women’s high-cut sneakers (Dip Drops) / 7,990yen
  • 2-3. Knit hat / 2,940yen
  • 2-4. Gold tone metal bow choker necklace (giraffe) / 15,750yen

Japanese autumn & winter dresses / stylish sweet and girly fit & flare

Tiny details over the skirts are the key to the girly and sweet styles for these two dresses.
(3) Knit dress with pin tucks at front & tiny flowers motif on the skirt topped with fur tippet.
(4) Shirt dress with stunning cut-work on the blouse part, strewn with cute ribbons, completed with delicate pin tuck details on the skirt portion.

  • 3-1. White knit dress with tiny flower details (Nina mew) / 29,190yen
  • 3-2. Fur tippet / 6,195yen
  • 3-3. Flower barrette / 5,040yen
  • 3-4. Chain blue pouchette with scallop details (Jemica) / 5,985yen
  • 3-5. Lacy ankle socks / 735yen
  • 3-6. Women’s tassel flatform shoes / 11,550yen
  • 4-1. Bow embellished sweet fit and flare dress (nadesico) / 24,990yen
  • 4-2. Star pin (Dip Drops) / 1,290yen
  • 4-3. Squarish shoulder bag (wine color) / 11,340yen
  • 4-4. Ankle socks (17゜C) / 1,575yen
  • 4-5. Women’s slip-on flat with bow details / 8,295yen

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Japanese sweets cute macarons for dessert

In a real world, tigers, rabbits, pandas, pigs, monkeys, won’t be getting along in harmony. It is a practical world with carnivores, herbivores & omnivores.

But the Japanese created the fantasy, harmonious world with exquisitely painted macaron in shape of various animals (*^-^*)v
Wow amazing! Aren’t they cute little things?

Not only with kids, these macarons are an extreme hit with adults too.
Everyone has a passion for sweet “kawaii” things (@^_-@)

Although these macarons are far from the images of those Japanese traditional sweets, but its another creative idea that was born because of Japanese’s love for artistic & beautiful things.

Do check out on the shopping site if you are interested.

Animal series desert (rabbit, tiger, bear, frog, panda

Delicate hand-painted sweets in kawaii shape of animals

Christmas delicacy (Santau Claus, snowman, christmas tree, reindeer, stars

Hand-painted christmas edition macaron

And of course, they came up with the Christmas limited edition!
We are greeted by warm, gentle Santa Claus, the smiling faces of Mr.Snowman and reindeer. Oh,,, won’t Christmas do us the favour to quicken its pace? (~^~)

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Japanese fashion / Knits trend

Big sellers knits cardigans and sweater collections that is a great hit with ViVi models too. Fans of ViVi models’ Must-Have for this fall and winter.

Keep yourself warm with these lovely, sweet stylish knits. And of course, if you are yearning to have the ViVi models look alike style (- _^)v

Please inquire through the below button for more details about these knits.

Japanese fashion styles / trend knits

  • 85. Cute cowichan knit (X-girl store) / 19,950yen
  • 90. Monotone Color-Block knit (SPIRAL GIRL) / 7,245yen
  • 91. Two tone knit (Metallic gold & Angola ) (2%TOKYO) / 11,550yen
  • 92. Tulle hem knit dress (Honey mi Honey) / 21,000yen
  • 93. Shawl collar sweater coat in grey & white stripes (Mina mew) / 24,990yen

Japanese fashion trend / Top seller knits from ViVi

  • 86. Sweet lace embroidered angola peplum knit (Rose bullet) / 12,600yen
  • 87. Cable angola knit (Rose bullet) / 13,650yen
  • 88. White cardigan with cute heart shape detail on elbow (tity&Co.) / 6,930yen
  • 89. Sweet mesh pullover (with single heart shape detail) (tity&Co.) / 5,775yen
  • 94. Cross diamond pattern knit (Red & Black) (jouetie) / 4,935yen
  • 95. Beige shawl collar knit cardigan (Noela) / 12,600円
  • 96. Two tone patchwork cable knit sweater (dazzlin) / 6,300yen
  • 97. Two tone crew neck knit cardigan (Egoist) / 5,985yen

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A feel of autumn in Tokyo

There is not an ounce of evidence to suggest that the famous maple leaves (momiji) is visiting Tokyo soon. Leaves on trees stay as green as ever struggling to last even a single day longer.

Tokyo is not missing out anything because there is not a sign of momiji yet.
The smell of autumn is everywhere.

Seasonal foods like pacific saury, my favorite of all time, Japanese fried oyster, Matsutake(mushrooms), apples, Japanese pears and many many other foods are at their most juicy, most delicious d(^-^d)

The sky has fluffy autumn clouds as its companion.
Autumn is normally blessed with fine, dry weather that gets cooler with each passing days. But before this, there is the ordeal of the typhoons to go through as they en-route to Japan (;~__~)…
Don’t be shock. That is just part of autumn…

Train stations put up colorful & fanciful posters and huge amounts of pamphlets with maple leaves as themes… A strategy inviting people to travel.

Enjoy checking these pamphlets, that cover details from famous foods to hotspring hotels & sightseeing spots. They offer packages for luxurious Japanese hotspring (onsen) and the traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, kaiseki-ryori that comes with train tickets set.

Though I love checking them, there is always a mixed feelings on how wasted with the disposal fate awaiting them, when the season comes to an end.

Putting that aside, I could do with a short trip to pamper myself for the time being I guess (*-”-)

Sightseeing from Japanese tour brochures

Book tour packages through JR Higashi Nihon

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