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Date: 2012/11/09

How to coordinate ankle socks & tattoo tights

Japanese ladies’ idea of stylish does not stay only on clothings. Efforts are spent on accessories, shoes & socks for the perfect overall coordination.

Today’s pickups from ViVi will be looking into some techniques on how to mix and match the latest trend, ankle socks and shoes and some tattoo tights. A chance to get some tips on the Japanese people’s creative way of coordination.

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Wow! A whole nine ideas on how to mix and match ankle socks with shoes. All you need is a bit of creativity to put you in the lead of fashion (*^-^*)
Japanese fashion styles / Ankle socks coordination

  • 1~2. Frilly ankle socks + Women gore boots
  • 3~4. Plaid ankle socks + flatform shoes
  • 5~6. Sheer ankle socks + pumps
  • 7~8. Polka dots ankle socks + sneaker
  • 9~10. Two tone ankle socks + Lace up bootie
  • 11~12. Deep color ankle socks + Women engineer boots
  • 13~14. Horizontal stripes at the edge ankle socks + slip-ons
  • 15~16. Leopard patterns ankle socks + Oxford shoes
  • 17~18. Full prints ankle socks + Women Oxford creepers

New tattoo tights collection continue to grow and the designs get cuter & cuter.
Tattoo leggings are coming up and and looks set to become the next hit item.

Japanese fashion styles / Tattoo tights

  • 1~4. Tattoo print tights
  • 5~7. Character prints tattoo tight
  • 8. Line tattoo tight
  • 9~10. Simple single ankle tattoo tight
  • 11. Native tribal prints tattoo tights
  • 12. Knee high socks-like tattoo tights

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