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Date: 2012/11/23

Samantha Thavasa’s dream bag

Ever wish that you have just a All In One handy bag that won’t feel out of place for whatever occasions your bring?

Japanese brand, Samantha Thavasa might just have the answer for it.
A collaboration project between Japan’s morning show and Samantha Thavasa itself, the “DREAM Bag” was born with seeking and combining opinions from female guest commentators, on what their ideas of a DREAM bag should be like.

Besides the “kawaii” design, the bag was filled with wonderful ideas from all the six female guests. I picked up a few of the selling points.
Do ideas like such echo your very own?

1. A mini bag that can bring for lunch or even use for events like party.
(Solution) The design that comes with a detachable cute mini bag “child” that can be used on its own or as a set.

2. Should length could be lengthen or shortened.
(Solution) Design with adjustable handle strap.
– Wow! That’s innovative! w(@o@)w

3. I can’t seem to organize my things. Bag interior is always messy.
(Solution) An internal pouch like bag is added for keeping messy things out of sight. They have this interesting term in Japan, “BAG in BAG”.

4. Able to check myself in the mirror in the train, escaping the eyes of other commuters.
(Solution) A flippable mirror attached to the front pocket.
– This is the trigger for me. The MUST BUY catalyst (” /><)/

5. Cold drinks or wet umbrella can be dumped into the bag at ease.
(Solution) Special built-in holder for pet bottle holder or umbrella use.
– And so I had just dropped one into the shopping cart (`_`;)

6. It will be good to be used as shoulder bag occasionally.
(Solution) Shoulder bag strap comes as set.

As from 22nd-Nov, Samantha Thasava started accepting pre-orders online.
Price: 29.925yen
Color: Black, Beige, Pink beige

Please inquire through the below button for more details.

Japanese bag brand / Samantha

Multi purpose bag

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