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Date: 2012/11/24

Japanese fashion magazines (Dec/Jan) & e-Mook

Magazine freebies for Dec & Jan issues plus e-Mook (magazine & premium gift). Some magazines had made their release two weeks ago, but I still pick them up for those wanting a reference.

There are a lot more fashion magazines in Japan. Please feel free to ask any even if they are not listed here.

For more details, please inquire through the blue button at the bottom.

Little Twin Stars Kikirara / Plaid cosmetic pouch (Size: W21 X H13 X D7cm)

Japanese fashion magazine SPRiNG (Jan)

non-no - Jan issue

LAVENHAM / Navy quilted pouch (white polka dots)
(Size: W20 X H13 X D8cm)

Japanese magazine liniere (Jan)

liniere - Jan issue

Snoopy & MILKFED / HAPPY tote bag (Size: W22 X H21 X D10cm)

Japanese fashion magazine SPRiNG (Jan)

SPRiNG - Jan issue

SAZABY / Monogram flap pouch (Size: W16.5 X H10 X D3cm)

Japanese fashion magazine InRed (Dec)

InRed - Dec issue

31 Sons de mode / Casual cute bucket tote
(Size: W31 X H22 XD19cm)

Japanese fashion magazine With (Dec)

With - Dec issue

Clathas / Camellia print black enamel bag (Size: W36 X H20 X D11cm)

Japanese fashion magazine Steady (Dec)

Steady - Dec issue

Gorgeous make-up cosmestic bag (Release date: 29-Nov)

Vanity pouch (winter collection)

gelato pique 2012-13 Winter collection (e-mook)

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