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Date: 2012/11/02

A feel of autumn in Tokyo

There is not an ounce of evidence to suggest that the famous maple leaves (momiji) is visiting Tokyo soon. Leaves on trees stay as green as ever struggling to last even a single day longer.

Tokyo is not missing out anything because there is not a sign of momiji yet.
The smell of autumn is everywhere.

Seasonal foods like pacific saury, my favorite of all time, Japanese fried oyster, Matsutake(mushrooms), apples, Japanese pears and many many other foods are at their most juicy, most delicious d(^-^d)

The sky has fluffy autumn clouds as its companion.
Autumn is normally blessed with fine, dry weather that gets cooler with each passing days. But before this, there is the ordeal of the typhoons to go through as they en-route to Japan (;~__~)…
Don’t be shock. That is just part of autumn…

Train stations put up colorful & fanciful posters and huge amounts of pamphlets with maple leaves as themes… A strategy inviting people to travel.

Enjoy checking these pamphlets, that cover details from famous foods to hotspring hotels & sightseeing spots. They offer packages for luxurious Japanese hotspring (onsen) and the traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, kaiseki-ryori that comes with train tickets set.

Though I love checking them, there is always a mixed feelings on how wasted with the disposal fate awaiting them, when the season comes to an end.

Putting that aside, I could do with a short trip to pamper myself for the time being I guess (*-”-)

Sightseeing from Japanese tour brochures

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