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Single Post: Japanese sweets cute macarons for dessert

Japanese sweets cute macarons for dessert

In a real world, tigers, rabbits, pandas, pigs, monkeys, won’t be getting along in harmony. It is a practical world with carnivores, herbivores & omnivores.

But the Japanese created the fantasy, harmonious world with exquisitely painted macaron in shape of various animals (*^-^*)v
Wow amazing! Aren’t they cute little things?

Not only with kids, these macarons are an extreme hit with adults too.
Everyone has a passion for sweet “kawaii” things (@^_-@)

Although these macarons are far from the images of those Japanese traditional sweets, but its another creative idea that was born because of Japanese’s love for artistic & beautiful things.

Do check out on the shopping site if you are interested.

Animal series desert (rabbit, tiger, bear, frog, panda

Delicate hand-painted sweets in kawaii shape of animals

Christmas delicacy (Santau Claus, snowman, christmas tree, reindeer, stars

Hand-painted christmas edition macaron

And of course, they came up with the Christmas limited edition!
We are greeted by warm, gentle Santa Claus, the smiling faces of Mr.Snowman and reindeer. Oh,,, won’t Christmas do us the favour to quicken its pace? (~^~)

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