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Japan’s Valentine Day cholocates

Japanese’s idea of Valentine’s Day is different from the rest of the world.
It is the tradition of Japanese women to give chocolates (high quality or handmade ones) to her man, on this day.

But single Japanese men, are not going home empty-handed and hurt. Because they will still get “obligatory chocolates” (giri-choco) from their female friends. Pretty funny culture, isn’t it?

Anyway, its all about chocolates on Valentine’s day here.

“Komatsuya Honten”, a bakery shop in Akita prefecture had previously made headlines for selling handmade beetle’s larvae like chocolates that look extremely real to be eaten. They made headlines again, this time round with their special Valentine edition chocolate packages.

The wrapping looks plain and ordinary. Nothing special.
Gift ideas for valentine's day

But when opened up,,,


Ugh! 5 beetle larvae pack chocolate! (5 for 1,100yen)
Shockingly real, aren’t they? w(o0o)w

Next comes “Kabuto Mushi (beetle) cake lovely pack”, Komatsuya Honten’s Valentine’s Day limited edition package. What’s so special about it?


A set white & red larvae (auspicious symbol) with Mr.beetle holding on to a heart.
Oh, my! Honestly, which guy could be thrilled & honored to get this (~0~)
Creative Japanese gifts

If “Kabuto-Mushi (beetle) cake lovely pack” is already too gross for your liking,
brace yourself for the upcoming “Hachi no ko mozomozo puchi caramel”, another Valentine limited edition package!


See!? All thanks to this disgusting “wasp larvae” like caramel, that I lost my appetite for the day (ToT) Seriously, who could eat this?
Japanese valentine days chocolates

Hey, but on a positive note, men whom are able to see these as jokes could be fun to hang out with! So girls, how about some testing session on your guys (*^-`)v

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Pale pastel christmas nails

Some lovely christmas nails collection from ViVi.
The use of pale pastel color tones to create the likes of sweet, kawaii nail designs has enjoyed great popularity during Christmas season.

Can you picture having the fantasy world with snow covered trees and houses, painted on your nails!? And perhaps, you could even heat the sound of falling snow in the silent night by just looking at them (@^-^@)v

The gorgeous and brilliant use of gold decorations like stars, studs and lines for some glittering accent on the nails. They look just like lovely wrappings and Christmas presents. Interesting huh! (^.^*!?)

And wouldn’t it be awesome to have cute little shooting stars or 2-tier cakes or even Santa as designs on your nails? Bet Santa will get delighted for an appearance chance on your nails (*^-`)v

Japanese’s fabulous Christmas themes nail ideas are simply creative and awesome.
Christmas mood is in the air… for me…

Japanese Christmas nail arts, cute lovely glittering nail, fairytale nails, Santa claus

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ViVi & Ray / Japanese DIY hairstyles

Some braid & twist hairstyle combine with hair accessories, techniques picked up from Ray & ViVi magazines. Which is your favorite style?

Japanese DIY hairstyles

Style1: Loose ponytail
Tips for a sweet & cute ponytail:
Curl the fringe with velcro curler, make horizontal curls using curling iron before tying your hair up.

Style2: Bow clip arrangement
Tips for a sweet, ladylike look:
Volume up partial part of the fringe at the top with velcro curler, make MIX curls using curling iron, before braiding in and knotting the braids at the one side, bow clip at the other.

Sweet and ladylike DIY hairstyles

Style3: Hat & loose braiding arrangement
Tips for a cute & stylish look:
Tie a loose braid at the side, and with the hat on, touch up by pulling the braid as well as some surrounding hairs to loosen for a natural and soft look.

Style4: Hairband & braided bun arrangement
Tips for a neat, elegant look:
Braid the hair to the back. Twist once and knot it into a bun. Add the hairband and its complete.

Style5: Bow clip & Braid arrangement
Tips for a simple, chic, feminine look:
Separate into few bundles at the side, twist each of them and bring to the back and tie with bow clip.

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Japan’s creative Christmas cake

Is Christmas tree really for decorations only?
How about Christmas trees showing up on the dinning table?

Its true! A Japanese online cake store has designed an “EDIBLE” Christmas tree w(0.0)w

Flaky pie crust is the pillar to the Christmas tree shape solution. A whole luxurious three types of berries, namely strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are laid as toppings. Custard cream mixed with pear pieces filled in between the crusts.

Yummy~~ How is the idea about a Christmas tree shape cake?

This cake is picked up from online cake shop “Organic cyber store” and priced at 4,500 for one.

Christmas cake with plenty of berries toppings

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Samantha Thavasa’s dream bag

Ever wish that you have just a All In One handy bag that won’t feel out of place for whatever occasions your bring?

Japanese brand, Samantha Thavasa might just have the answer for it.
A collaboration project between Japan’s morning show and Samantha Thavasa itself, the “DREAM Bag” was born with seeking and combining opinions from female guest commentators, on what their ideas of a DREAM bag should be like.

Besides the “kawaii” design, the bag was filled with wonderful ideas from all the six female guests. I picked up a few of the selling points.
Do ideas like such echo your very own?

1. A mini bag that can bring for lunch or even use for events like party.
(Solution) The design that comes with a detachable cute mini bag “child” that can be used on its own or as a set.

2. Should length could be lengthen or shortened.
(Solution) Design with adjustable handle strap.
– Wow! That’s innovative! w(@o@)w

3. I can’t seem to organize my things. Bag interior is always messy.
(Solution) An internal pouch like bag is added for keeping messy things out of sight. They have this interesting term in Japan, “BAG in BAG”.

4. Able to check myself in the mirror in the train, escaping the eyes of other commuters.
(Solution) A flippable mirror attached to the front pocket.
– This is the trigger for me. The MUST BUY catalyst (” /><)/

5. Cold drinks or wet umbrella can be dumped into the bag at ease.
(Solution) Special built-in holder for pet bottle holder or umbrella use.
– And so I had just dropped one into the shopping cart (`_`;)

6. It will be good to be used as shoulder bag occasionally.
(Solution) Shoulder bag strap comes as set.

As from 22nd-Nov, Samantha Thasava started accepting pre-orders online.
Price: 29.925yen
Color: Black, Beige, Pink beige

Please inquire through the below button for more details.

Japanese bag brand / Samantha

Multi purpose bag

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Stapleless Stapler, an invention by Japan

Japanese had created countless innovative products that never ceased to amaze the world.

Making news headline now is the renown environmental friendly “Stapleless Stapler”. This is another jaw dropping product originated by Japan.
What is so amazing about “Stapleless Stapler”?

Have you ever heard of a stapler that works without bullet? And so this one does.

In fact, “Stapleless Stapler” is not a new concept in Japan. The product has been circulating in the Japanese market since 10 years ago. I had known of its existence on TV few years ago, but did not pay much attention to it m(_ _ )m

So the next question comes. Why is it making headline only now?
By chance, International Monetary Fund Meeting was held in Tokyo last month. And it happened that “stapleless stapler” was distributed to representatives of each countries. The representative were so full of praises for the stapler after using it seems.

The bullet free feature is highly evaluated as it is environmental & user friendly and consider very safe even for children.

Besides, famous Japanese stationary maker, “kokuyo” had put in continuous efforts to improve the stapler over the years. Efforts were tremendous, but they got paid off.
Compared to traditional stapleless stapler that allows only 3~4 pieces of papers, latest allows up to 10 pieces (*o*)!!

Wonderful, Stapleless stapler did win my attention this time round…
Creative product by Japan

The stapler cuts holes on the papers and then join them by weaving the paper pieces made through hole cutting.
stapleless stapler's mechanism

It is really fascinating that just a mere stapler can have such “unsimple” technologies. Japanese products are just awesome d(^o^)b

It will be great if people from all over the world could have a chance to use this stapler (*^v^*)

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Japan’s Christmas cakes

Ever wonder how Christmas cakes look like in the creative hands of the Japanese? Since Christmas Day is round the corner, here are some collections picked up from Antenor, a famous cake and pastry shop in Japan.

Do check out on their site if you are interested.

Christmas Yule log cake has been a standard in the world.
Antenor’s log cakes came with a total of 3 flavors, Chocolat, Berries and Mont Blanc. And how sweet to incorporate Santas Claus into the design.
Which is your pick? Mine goes to chocolat not because of the design, but simply because of my passion for chocolat (*^-^*)b 
Japan cute Christmas log cakes

Santa garden (10,500yen)
Can you tell this cake is large enough to share 20 people?
A party size cake with Snowman & Santa claus surrouned by plenty of strawberries & fruits. That’s simply luxurious~~
Japan Christmas cake for party

Noel Duet (6,720yen)
A 2 tier cake!?No, its not a wedding cake. And of course, it’s a Christmas cake. And there he is, the leading star, Santa standing right at the top looking for the next destination to dispatch his gifts! Cute little thing, isn’t he?
Japan Christmas 2 tier cake

Christmas cake in single pieces (525yen)
Calories is your big enemy? Opt for the single pieces Christmas cake.
Santas claus and snowman motifs cakes are just too irresistible not to bring back home (^__-)v
Japan Christmas cake slices (Snowman, Santa claus)

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Japanese sweets cute macarons for dessert

In a real world, tigers, rabbits, pandas, pigs, monkeys, won’t be getting along in harmony. It is a practical world with carnivores, herbivores & omnivores.

But the Japanese created the fantasy, harmonious world with exquisitely painted macaron in shape of various animals (*^-^*)v
Wow amazing! Aren’t they cute little things?

Not only with kids, these macarons are an extreme hit with adults too.
Everyone has a passion for sweet “kawaii” things (@^_-@)

Although these macarons are far from the images of those Japanese traditional sweets, but its another creative idea that was born because of Japanese’s love for artistic & beautiful things.

Do check out on the shopping site if you are interested.

Animal series desert (rabbit, tiger, bear, frog, panda

Delicate hand-painted sweets in kawaii shape of animals

Christmas delicacy (Santau Claus, snowman, christmas tree, reindeer, stars

Hand-painted christmas edition macaron

And of course, they came up with the Christmas limited edition!
We are greeted by warm, gentle Santa Claus, the smiling faces of Mr.Snowman and reindeer. Oh,,, won’t Christmas do us the favour to quicken its pace? (~^~)

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Halloween costumes styles (ViVi)

Does it sound unbelievable that Japan is actually celebrating Halloween? In some ways, Japan is more westernized than one can imagine.

Just a month or more before Halloween, lots of shops started selling Halloween decorations. Pumpkins in all sorts of design have become part of the common items. And Cosplay & Halloween costumes shopping sites struggled to cope with flooding orders for Halloween parties.

It might be a little too late for Halloween ideas, but I just noticed this article featuring Halloween costumes coordinates created by ViVi. They looked so fun and silly.

For those who are still are looking for crazy costumes ideas for Halloween.

Unique mischievous Halloween styles idea

  • 1. Meet the new mouse girl with mouse cap, fur coat paired with silver leggings. On my! I still want my sweetie Minnie mouse. (- -#)
  • 2. Even the American Indians are going to give nods and thumbs up on this native costume for sure.
  • 3. The Japanese’s outrageously fun and sexy diner girl’s costume. An apron tied to the waist of a long shirt, buttoned down to reveal bikini in AMERICAN FLAG design. This gets equally funky d(^o^)b
    And don’t forget about the roller skates!

Sweet, girlish Halloween styles

  • 4. All reds & polka dots, the ever-popular cute ladybug costume. Not too much surprise though…
  • 5. Wow! The cursed dead bride returned as a zombie to roam the streets
    (OoO ;;)
  • 6. The flirty, sexy courtesan. How Japanese style clothing blends in amazingly at ease with Europe’s originated Halloween (*^m^*)
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Hug & dream minnie mouse/ soothing sleep gadget

Insomniacs longing for a good night’s rest might be glad that “Hug & Dream Minnie Mouse”, a soft toy will start selling on the market from November. Unlike ordinary toys, this one has the effect to comfort and soothes one to sleep.

And what has Minnie mouse got to do with a good night’s sleep (@^o^@)

“Hug & Dream Minnie Mouse”, is a collaboration work between Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy and cognitive & respiratory specialist from Showa University School of Medicine. Minnie is fitted with a mechanism mimicking the breathing pattern of human. She “breathes in” once every 5 seconds. While hugging her, the rhythm breathing is expected to calm and soothes and naturally induces one to sleep.

She came with a melody option where you can turn it on if you find that having the music is more relaxed.
And it even came with an auto sleep function in which breathing motion is automatically switched off after certain time.

For those who had a hard time getting into sleep, “Hug & dream minnie mouse” could help perhaps (-z-)……..zzz


hug & dream mini mouse

Japanese made products that aids in relaxing mood

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