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Single Post: Stapleless Stapler, an invention by Japan

Stapleless Stapler, an invention by Japan

Japanese had created countless innovative products that never ceased to amaze the world.

Making news headline now is the renown environmental friendly “Stapleless Stapler”. This is another jaw dropping product originated by Japan.
What is so amazing about “Stapleless Stapler”?

Have you ever heard of a stapler that works without bullet? And so this one does.

In fact, “Stapleless Stapler” is not a new concept in Japan. The product has been circulating in the Japanese market since 10 years ago. I had known of its existence on TV few years ago, but did not pay much attention to it m(_ _ )m

So the next question comes. Why is it making headline only now?
By chance, International Monetary Fund Meeting was held in Tokyo last month. And it happened that “stapleless stapler” was distributed to representatives of each countries. The representative were so full of praises for the stapler after using it seems.

The bullet free feature is highly evaluated as it is environmental & user friendly and consider very safe even for children.

Besides, famous Japanese stationary maker, “kokuyo” had put in continuous efforts to improve the stapler over the years. Efforts were tremendous, but they got paid off.
Compared to traditional stapleless stapler that allows only 3~4 pieces of papers, latest allows up to 10 pieces (*o*)!!

Wonderful, Stapleless stapler did win my attention this time round…
Creative product by Japan

The stapler cuts holes on the papers and then join them by weaving the paper pieces made through hole cutting.
stapleless stapler's mechanism

It is really fascinating that just a mere stapler can have such “unsimple” technologies. Japanese products are just awesome d(^o^)b

It will be great if people from all over the world could have a chance to use this stapler (*^v^*)

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