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Single Post: Pale pastel christmas nails

Pale pastel christmas nails

Some lovely christmas nails collection from ViVi.
The use of pale pastel color tones to create the likes of sweet, kawaii nail designs has enjoyed great popularity during Christmas season.

Can you picture having the fantasy world with snow covered trees and houses, painted on your nails!? And perhaps, you could even heat the sound of falling snow in the silent night by just looking at them (@^-^@)v

The gorgeous and brilliant use of gold decorations like stars, studs and lines for some glittering accent on the nails. They look just like lovely wrappings and Christmas presents. Interesting huh! (^.^*!?)

And wouldn’t it be awesome to have cute little shooting stars or 2-tier cakes or even Santa as designs on your nails? Bet Santa will get delighted for an appearance chance on your nails (*^-`)v

Japanese’s fabulous Christmas themes nail ideas are simply creative and awesome.
Christmas mood is in the air… for me…

Japanese Christmas nail arts, cute lovely glittering nail, fairytale nails, Santa claus

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