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Date: 2012/12/31

New Year Eve in Tokyo

A city that doesn’t sleep, Tokyo is quiet in New year’s eve.
The bustle & hustle of Tokyo turns into a ghost town every year end, when everyone returns back to their hometown to celebrate New Year.
How I love the quiet side of Tokyo when the city can do with a rest (@^-^@)

“Shimekazari” decorated on the door of my company.

Shimekazari will be put up latest by 30th-Dec until 7th-Jan so as to prevent any evils or misfortune from entering the house. Designs are different each year.

Doesn’t this look exquisite? Can you find the crane?

Japanese New Year decorations/shimekazari to ward off evils

Shimekazari decorated at doors

And “mister Donut” joined in the promotion of “Fukubukuro” (lucky bag) (-o- ;;)

Fukubukuro are lucky bags sold only on New Year. They contained unknown random contents that is substantially worth more than their actual amount.

Fukubukuro on items other than fashion is beyond my imagination (6.6)?
For just a MERE 2,000yen mister Donut’s lucky bag comes with next snoopy goodies: 20donuts/pies + 2 food containers + ear hoodie + Calendar + Eco bag + Hand Towel.

Wow! An unbelievable bargain d(^o^)b

mister Donut (lucky bag at 2,000yen)

mister Donut's fukubukuro

mister Donut continues on the challenge journey to new products .
Look at the poster! Cream donuts and twisty pies!
I am just drooling by looking at the poster.

Note: I don’t get any advertisement fees from Mister Donut (( (- -*)(*- -) ))

Cream donut and twisty

mister Dount's new products

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