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Single Post: Toilet Bike Neo – TOTO’s funny invention

Toilet Bike Neo – TOTO’s funny invention

Japanese toilet maker, has developed the world’s first motorcycle, “Toilet Bike Neo” that runs on waste as fuel.

Toilet bike Neo has the capability to cover a distance of 300km when full tank and it runs at a maximum speed of 80km/hr, if you are wondering if it lives up to the function of a motorcycle.
And the rider gets to have his private toilet seat throughout the whole journey. (^_-)

Good! Just when I am thinking that this will be extremely useful to the rider’s in one of their long roadtrips…

Actually, Toilet Bike Neo runs on bio-gas fuel from the waste of livestock and household waste water. It does not have the mechanism to run on human’s excrement. This bike is a tool for promoting eco-friendly environment awareness.

It is now going around Japan and is making a current stop at Hokkaido’s sapporo station.

TOTO has no plan to manufacture toilet bike, but it will be interesting if we ever see this in the market.

The bike even has a roll of huge toilet paper at the back (^-^)
Eco-friendly motorcycle

Female rider looks cool on the bike too!
toilet bike neo

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