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Single Post: Pop-up hot dog toaster — Cross-cultural

Pop-up hot dog toaster — Cross-cultural

America company came up with the two-in-one, “Hot Dog Toaster” that allows hot dog and bun to be toasted at the same time.

Just drop two hotdogs and buns into the toaster and waits for it to pop up, simple as that. No messy cleaning after hot dog makings. And you don’t have to know how to cook to be able use it. It has been a hit with Americans after its release.

Now, will Japan enjoy the same great response as well? (-C-)…
Well, it is not the habit of Japanese to have hot dogs for breakfast or even meals.
So my bet will be that there won’t be much demands here.
But there will still be Japanese who wants one because of the cute retro design and reasonable price. To use the toaster or not is another matter… (*’-v-)?

I find the habit and cultural difference between countries extremely interesting. And it amuse me how a new product could be born because of a country & its people’s habits.

※ You can get this hot dog toaster at at the price of $19.
Simple and easy hot dog maker for breakfast

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