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Single womens fantasy: If I have a boyfriend…

words from lonely unattached women

In one of the famous bulletin board, the topic “What do expect or hope from your someone” got perked up among single females who contributed their fancies. Those who are attached might question the thinking because they all seemed too ordinary. But to those singles, what sound ordinary are even far out of their reach.

I picked up a few which I thought sounded interesting.
Those in pink are my added comment.

  1. I want him to get jealous over me (moderately). (Kinda of cute fantasy.)
  2. I want him to restrict me (moderately). (Hey, I could understand this feeling!)
  3. Without any words, he hugs me when I am feeling down and pats my head to console me. (Trust me, if I can I want to give you my strength too!)
  4. Being just together is enough for me. (This is just too realistic. Too sad…)
  5. He hugs me tightly from the back during sleeping.(Wow! Romantic!)
  6. Part 1: Go picnic together at a park with an open space lawn.(Pretty normal activity.)
    Part 2: Eat my prepared handmade Bento for lunch.
    And he says to me like: “Wow! This is damn delicious. I am so happy. Thank you”. I imagine the way he will look, so cute, absorbed in the food. It is enough to fill my stomach. (Silly girl. Love can’t fill your stomach!)
  7. Even with lack of topics, I am satisfied with simple conversations like “This is delicious!”, “Hey, What’s this?”. Yet I am not even granted such chances. Why do I exist just as a female of human species? (This is just too heart-rending. For goodness sake, please let her wish be granted at least once.)
  8. I want to smell his ordor. I imagine he wears a T-shirt and I smell him from behind, his back. (Urmm… isn’t this plain pervert…)

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Where to get Ghibli Museum tickets

If you are thinking to buy Ghibli Museum tickets outside Japan, we can help you buy the tickets in advance.

Advanced tickets purchase for next month are opened ONLY on the 10th of each month.
We can only handle inquiry up to max 1.5 months ahead.
Please inquire through the below button or Tickets inquiry

To check the cost »»

Note: -
Tickets must be reserved and purchased in advance in. You can’t purchase the tickets in actual day at the museum.

There are 4 entry timings per day as follows:
(1) 10:00 (2) 12:00 (3) 14:00 (4) 16:00

(Updated on 30th-Jan-2013)

Departing from Mitaka station south exit, en routing to the famous Ghibli Museum is this cute yellow bus. The bus stop never fall short of queues other than when its Ghibli museum’s off-day. Not only Japanese visit the museum but lots of foreigners too.
The influence of Hayao Miyazaki to the world, is amazing. d(-_^)good!!

So what kind of place is Ghibli Museum?
Expect to see familiar Ghibli anime characters from films like “My neighbor totoro”, “laputa: Castle in the sky”, “Kiki’s Delivery Service” etc, or even to try to search for them as they are hiding somewhere.

Ghibli lovers aren’t going to get enough of this place for sure. There were feedbacks that even people who aren’t Ghibli fans enjoyed the place very much.
Don’t ever miss out on the short anime films that will be showing for limited period of time. “Mei and the kittenbus” is scheduled for May and June.

Ghibli Museum’s English Website

Straying a bit from the topic of Ghibli, it seems a bit comical that just as I was deciding the best angle to take this picture, the blood donation group approached me to donate blood! Deciding that I will give it a skip this time round, I rejected, giving a gentle wave of my hand with an apologetic smile <(_ _)>
I am going to do it next time for sure.

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Japanese fashion magazines May/June

Without failure, irresistible freebies that come with the magazines in the bookstore caught my eyes again. Some magazines had made their release 2 weeks ago, but I still pick them up for those wanting a reference.

Please inquire through the blue button at the bottom for more details.

Lowrys Farm / Long wallet that comes with plenty of card holder pockets
(Size:L20 X H10 X W2cm)

Gelato Pique / floral purse pouch and sewing kit set
(Size:[Pouch] – L10.5 X H13.5 X W1.5cm /
[Sewing set] – L5.7cm X H10 )

SHIPSXPattyJimmy / border leather-like card case with cute sanrio character (Size:L8 X H11.5cm)

L’EST ROSE / gingham check & floral prints red vanity case. With a heart shape charmsattached at the fastener.
(Size:L18 X H12 X W6cm)

Cher / Cher logos design Tote bag
(Size:L37 X H20 X W12cm)

Cath Kidston / Victoria rose prints tote bag & Union Jack pattern pouch
(Size:[Bag] – W42(base:22) X H27 X D20cm /
[Pouch] – W19.5 X H15cm)

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Beef tongue from Ootoya

Today’s lunch is seasonal beef tongue served with rice in Ootoya.
Though the menu had been out for one month and is limited only for a period of time, I haven’t been wanting to try it as it seems heavy for lunch. Out of the blue today, I decided to give it a try since I wasn’t in any mood for diet.

While I was waiting for the food to come, the guy who was sitting on the table next to me, spoke suddenly in a loud voice: “Spicy! Spicy!” and then he was gulping down ice water as fast as he could. I took a glimpse of what he had eaten, and couldn’t contain my shock (‘O’*). I ordered exactly the same thing!
Having been in Japan for a quite while, my stomache had weakened against spicy food. I began regretting my choice even before I had a chance to taste it (`.__.`)

The delivered food sure looked delicious enough as usual, as perfect as it was. But, one spoonful is enough to tell it is indeed too spicy for most Japanese. The taste wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t to my liking.

I would rate it a 6 out of a scale of 10. But Ootoya deserved to be credited for their challenging spirits. You just have to take your hats off them for their continuous efforts to come up with new menus every now and then.

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Dwells on products made In Japan

My boss has this persistency towards things that are Made in Japan. He especially dwells on items that come into contact with the mouth like chopsticks, toothbrushes, etc. No way he is going to use them unless they are Made In Japan. And so, I sourced and bought back toothpicks that even came with a single wrapping for each individual toothpick.

In the midst of admiring how Japanese products are so high quality, some very small wordings at the side of the box caught my eyes. It said: “Made In China”.
eek (!! @o@ !) How my I going to answer to my boss? He even used some already!
The box of toothpick was hidden safely inside the back of the cupboard now (._.!!)

Seriously, after having lived in Japan many years, I admit that me too got “infected” by this fascination for things that are Made In Japan.

How about you? Do you have any particular things that you persist?

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Pietro chain restaurant in Japan

It has been a while since I last visited the restaurant Pietro for lunch and I was craving for spaghetti. So today, I turned up at the restaurant for lunch. Pietro is a Japanese style Italian chain restaurant. Not only are their pasta delicious, their dressings are famous too.

Four fantastic reasons why I think restaurant Pietro is worth a visit.

1. The popular lunch menu where you can pick two out of the five choices for main course. — The “Wow” is that you get to taste two dishes at the same time.

2. Their lunch extends until 5pm. And from opening time (10am for this shop) right up to 5pm, you get the green light to “EAT ALL YOU CAN” for the salads and breads for as much as you want! — Sounds too good to be true? Its true! It is written in their website. Make sure that you go with an empty stomach (*^-^*)

3. Lunch cost only 1,100yen. — Simply unbelievable right?? (@о@) Any reason not to visit?

4. NO “CORNER-CUTTINGS” even if the lunch is cheap. — Seriously, are they making money??

And thumbs up for Pietro for being a paradise for people who enjoy buffets. Its a nice place to spend a lazy afternoon with friends.

Note: I don’t get any advertisement fees from the restaurant (( (- -*)(*- -) ))

The restaurant with the relax ambience and is especially popular among housewives. Females made up 90% of the customers.

Helped myself to salads and breads while waiting for my main course. The photos probably won’t tell, but there are quite a variety of breads and salads.

My choices of main course, spaghetti and pizza. They changed their menu monthly.

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Spring – Tokyo Sakura

The highlight of Spring Season — Of course none other than the famous cherry blossom festival d(^o^)b

I took the news with extreme delight that Tokyo’s cherry blossom had fully blossomed. So I set off my journey to inokashira koen in Kichijyoji, a famous place for sakura to enjoy blossom viewing. I had intentionally picked on a weekday morning, hoping to avoid the crowds. But… to my amazement, the place was packed with people! Everyone must have thought the same thing too (; -_-)

Today’s weather was just too perfect.
It was warm and I couldn’t believe my luck that Sakura was at its peak.
I was strike dumbfounded by the scenary that greeted me.
It was too majestic, simply too luxurious~~ I am too fortunate to be able to stand here to see mother nature at work.. My brain was congested with all sorts of emotions (*the sakura effect*).

I was so touched that despite Tokyo being a big city, blossom viewing is possible everywhere. I just so looooove this city so much!

Enjoying the view from a different angle must be good too. The option to pay and get a boat to paddle yourself to other spots to indulge in different views.

Hanami parties where everyone gathers under sakura to enjoy is a standard during this season. The scenary is too calm, too tranquill. Time seems frozen…
Cute tiny ducklings even gathered in the pond to enjoy the sakura too.

Get romantic strolling under the ceilings of sakura. The cons is … beware of BIRD SHIT!

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Iphone cases (hard type)

Finally I bought my iphone 4S cover after using it for a whole one month. The varieties of the design was simply too much that it took me 2 weeks to finally decide one. Ok, I do admit that I am lack of decisiveness. Could be in the roots (v_v) ?

Since I am particular about design, I decided to get a hard case instead of a soft one. If you ask me if a hard case can protect a phone, my answer will be:
It should be able to protect the phone from scratches, but should not help much in shock resistance.

But I still love hard covers because there are too many wonderful designs for one to pick from.
The case shown on the left of the picture is what I had bought for my iphone.
Doesn’t it look simple, yet lovely and lady-like?
FIY, the case shown on the right of the picture belongs to a different handphone model. Cool design right?

For those who who are interested to check out on some interesting Japan designed iphone cases, you can inquire through the button below.

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The smell of spring

March in Japan, is the graduation season as well as the famous once in a year cherry blossom season. This is unfounded, but I would like to think that the cherry blossom season is meant to be a celebration for graduates who are embarking on a new journey.

As a member of the “working society”, cherry blossom has no special meaning for me. But, when I recall how beautiful last year’s SAKURA were, I begin to look forward to seeing it again. Sounds contradicting right?
Its getting warmer and closer to spring. SAKURA in Tokyo will bloom soon. It fills me with excitement to even think about it. *No, I am not a child*

No, not everyone could enjoy this season though. Lots of Japanese have hay fever due to allergy to cedar pollen and this season just make them feel terrible. You can see most of them with mask all the time.

Sakura’s bud is telling us that we shall be expecting cherry blossom soon. *HURRAY*

Where it gets a lot of sun, a single SAKURA tree can’t wait to start flowering. Poor thing, it looks so out of place…

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Graphic pen tablet – Wrist pain relief measure

My job requires me to work like mad, spending long hours in front of the computer, resulting in the high risk of overusing my hands. Recently, my fingers started feeling numb and extremely tired when I am operating the mouse. Before I spoil my hand completely, I thought I should do something to limit mouse operation as much possible. Tablet was the first thing that come to my mind hoping it could replace the mouse. And anyway, it doesn’t cost much, I could always return back to the mouse if the idea doesn’t work.

For the past 3 days, I focused on the tablet. I couldn’t be more than satisfied with the result. It took me just a mere few hours to get used to the operation. Moreover, I feel it really lightens the burden that builds up due to repeated clicking action of the mouse. It didn’t 100% solve the tiredness of the wrist, but in some way, it helps lessen that.

Investing in a tablet is worth after all in my opinion.
I really recommend the tablet for those whom like me, need to work long hours in front of the computer with lots of wrist operation. d(^o^)b

If you are interested to know, the tablet that I had bought is Wacom Bamboo Connect.
Good Luck (^_-)

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