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Single Post: Single womens fantasy: If I have a boyfriend…

Single womens fantasy: If I have a boyfriend…

words from lonely unattached women

In one of the famous bulletin board, the topic “What do expect or hope from your someone” got perked up among single females who contributed their fancies. Those who are attached might question the thinking because they all seemed too ordinary. But to those singles, what sound ordinary are even far out of their reach.

I picked up a few which I thought sounded interesting.
Those in pink are my added comment.

  1. I want him to get jealous over me (moderately). (Kinda of cute fantasy.)
  2. I want him to restrict me (moderately). (Hey, I could understand this feeling!)
  3. Without any words, he hugs me when I am feeling down and pats my head to console me. (Trust me, if I can I want to give you my strength too!)
  4. Being just together is enough for me. (This is just too realistic. Too sad…)
  5. He hugs me tightly from the back during sleeping.(Wow! Romantic!)
  6. Part 1: Go picnic together at a park with an open space lawn.(Pretty normal activity.)
    Part 2: Eat my prepared handmade Bento for lunch.
    And he says to me like: “Wow! This is damn delicious. I am so happy. Thank you”. I imagine the way he will look, so cute, absorbed in the food. It is enough to fill my stomach. (Silly girl. Love can’t fill your stomach!)
  7. Even with lack of topics, I am satisfied with simple conversations like “This is delicious!”, “Hey, What’s this?”. Yet I am not even granted such chances. Why do I exist just as a female of human species? (This is just too heart-rending. For goodness sake, please let her wish be granted at least once.)
  8. I want to smell his ordor. I imagine he wears a T-shirt and I smell him from behind, his back. (Urmm… isn’t this plain pervert…)

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