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Single Post: Japanese snacks & crackers

Japanese snacks & crackers

The taste of Japanese are simply fantastic!
At request of a friend who simply loves Japanese cuttlefish and crackers, I made two separate trips to the nearby candy store, grasping everything that had the word “cuttlefish” written on it.
Before I knew, I had bought 2.5kg of snacks to be sent overseas (- – ;;)

I must admit that the extremely wide choices stuck me dumbfounded again after a trip to the candy store. Typical nature of Japanese food culture, great varieties, great taste! d(^o^)b

The candy shop was flooded with people looking to make their last purchases for the upcoming New Year. Japanese loves munching snacks with sake (alcoholic drinks), while watching special New Year programs like Kōhaku Uta Gassen.

And of course, I picked up a few packets of my own favourite crackers (*^-^*)
Putting on a little bit of weight during New Year can’t be helped…

And if you have some Japanese sweets in mind you want to buy, please do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries.

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