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Date: 2013/01/08

Auspicious symbol, Kadomatsu on New Year

Stumbled upon a company with a toppled kadomatsu on my way back from lunch.

((((((°O° ))))) Oh my gosh! The poor kadomatsu must have gotten knocked down by the north wind that chose to blow with a vengeance on this day.

Kadomatsu is meant to be an auspicious symbol, and MUST be placed upright in pairs, on the entrance just before the New Year… A toppled kadomatsu sounds awfully inauspicious (v__v`)

Its not as if a fallen Kadomatsu is going to mark the downfall of the company, but if any of the staffs were to witness this scene, they couldn’t be feeling better.

So the HERO decided to give a helping hand in restoring the toppled kadomatsu. The HERO in this subject is our boss (^__-)
Just a little helping hand, and that could probably save the company from a crisis

This year is certainly going to be a great year for our company too, all thanks to the “HEOIC” act from our boss!

Japanese tradition kadomatsu

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