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Date: 2013/01/04

New Year’s Lucky Bag

It is Japanese culture to visit Shinto shrine during the New Year.
I paid mine on the 2nd day of the New Year.

Passing the snack shop on my way back, there I saw again, Lucky Bags lined up this time at the front of snack shop. They looks set to get customers!

Snacks Lucky Bags? Wow! Lucky Bags seems to be a trend, popping up everywhere…
“mister Dounut” started selling theirs before the New Year even begins.

If you are still trying to figure out what on earth is Japan’s Lucky Bag, they are bags that contain unknown random contents substantially worth more than their actual amount.
And of course I got mine which cost a mere 1,000yen per bag.

I had chosen mine by their weight, since the contents were hidden.
Want to know what are the contents?

Japanese culture, lucky bags (fukubukuro)

Lucky Bags image


These are what I got!
How? How? Do you think they are worth 1,000yen??
I did a rough calculation and they are indeed worth more than I had paid for.

So would you consider getting a Lucky Bag for yourself?

Different types of fukubukuro

Snacks, cookies, crackers

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