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Single Post: Tokyo’s sakura

Tokyo’s sakura

The streets of Tokyo is covered in shades of soft pink now as Cherry blossom fully bloomed. They are going to stay for a week after full blossom before the petals started dropping off. Beauty is short-lived… How true …

Consider yourself really lucky if you happen to be in town now without the faintest idea to see Sakura. This year, Sakura started blooming about 10 days earlier because of the warmer weather as compared to annual years.

Before Sakura,,, there is the Cedar Pollen allergy!
They finally caught me this year (v__v`)…
Walking down the streets without wearing a mask?
The mere thoughts of it makes me sneeze (>o<)=3
The sad thing is, I would have to battle with pollen allergy for every spring (T-T)
Cherry blossom wouldn’t be something to be looking forward to anymore, perhaps…

But seeing people wearing masks while enjoying cherry blossom viewing sort of bought a sense of relief. At least I am not alone struggling with pollen allergy (@`v`@)

Streets lined with sakura

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