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Date: 2012/02/16

Flo Cakes

There is this cake shop within the grounds of Chou line’s Mitaka station. The shop is selling freshly baked pies and tarts with generous toppings of fresh fruits, besides cakes. I love especially their tarts, but calories is my greatest enemy when I am on diet. I have since made efforts to “distant” myself from the shop for quite a while.

On valentine’s day, I decided “why not?” and went down to get myself a piece of cake and a tart.

TOOoooo satisfying, the cake and tart.
d(^o^)b A few rounds of extreme work-outs will follow next after I went home today -=≡ (;^・_・^)

Doesn’t the cake box look artistic?
decorative box

1. Red fruit custard tart
Huge combination toppings of all sorts of berries. Strawberries, raspberries, dark cherries, red-currants, and mulberries. Too luxurious! *yummy*
Fruit tarts

2. Chocolat amer
A very thick, concentrated chocolate cake that melts instantly in your mouth. The strong taste of melted chocolate “secretly spreads” to the entire mouth. Indescribable, the level of deliciousness!
choloat cake

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