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Single Post: Face up powder (II)

Face up powder (II)

This is a continuation of the article that I had touched on earlier about the face up power by kanebo. It will begin selling 2 weeks later for a limited period of time only. The next version will come out a year later if you miss out this one.

Here it is, if you would like to recall a little bit about the article.

Today I will touch on how to achieve the skin transparency look (radiant, glow) using this face up powder. This is picked up and translated with reference from kanebo site. Face up powder is applied only after base and foundation.

  • Step1 – With the powder puff, apply bit by bit by pressing lightly focusing on the cheek area.
    Tip for a longer lasting makeup: Apply from the bottom to top against the direction of downy hair.
  • Step 2 – Apply in the same manner as step 1 to the the cheek, bridge of the nose, areas around the nostril and mouth for a well-blended tone.
  • Step 3 – For delicate areas around the eyes, nostrils and corners around the mouth, fold the powder puff into half and apply.
  • Step 4 – Its complete as long as it feels smooth and not oily when touched. Use a clean brush or new powder puff to brush off residual powder.

On the issue whether its the Cosmetic Power that makes Japanese women shines, I will leave it to you to think about it (^_-)

steps to powdering

powdering technique

Here is a little additional information that I picked up from the cosmetic portal site that might be of reference to you. It shows the skin type of the 1000 over users who use kanebo face up power and from the data, combination skin which is the most difficult to take care of tops the majority. Hope this information helps.

skin-types graph

skin types of users

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