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UV protection (Hat)

Most Japanese women has extreme high awareness towards ultraviolet rays especially during summer. They always take care to protect from exposure to sun as much as possible. Hats become common “shield” against UV.

So I saw this commercial about this interesting “UV protection hat” on TV.
This hat was said to 99% cut UV out . See the idea? Fully covered from the face right down to the neck. Even eyes are spared from UV since sunglasses come with the set!

It could be useful for people who spend a lot of time outdoor. (Erm, I don’t have any need for these at the moment though…)

I am afraid that I have no answer to the the sales volume if you are curious about it (^_-)

UV protection / anti-aging goods

UV protection hat

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Beautiful skin supplement / collagen jelly

Three step collagen jelly / eco plus

collagen jelly supplement

Topping the supplement category, in Grand prix award by @cosme for Year 2011 is this famous beauty supplement from Japan, the Collagen Jelly.
It receive good reviews from a large number of users.

Going a bit technical, each stick is combined with minimal collagen of 1000mg, 108 types of vegetables and fruits fermentation extracts and vitamin C supplements the daily collagen intake required by the body. All it takes is one stick only w(0o0)w

From users feedback, immediate results were noticeable. The skin becomes supple, firmer and elastic.

And one of the most well-received aspect seems to be the interesting grape-fruit flavor which is something very new. It is delicious and it feels like eating dessert instead of collagen which is very important because some people doesn’t like the taste of collagen. It is most delicious and recommended to eat chilled.

It comes in 30 sticks per pack, about a month’s supply.
Please inquire through the below button for more details.


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