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Date: 2013/04/19

Japan’s Aokigahara Jukai

A quiet, mystical place it is, Japan’s Aokigahara Jukai.

Located in Yamanashi-ken Fujikawaguchiko, it is infamous as a suicidal spot in Japan.
A vast dense forest heavily sheltered by shrubs and trees, daylight hardly penetrates the making the whole place dark even at noon.

It isn’t a mere co-incident that Aokigahara also known as the “Sea Of Trees” is a place of doom. A place where you are bound to lost sense of directional because every path looks the same. Here is a dead zone for cell phones and compasses won’t be working due to the rich deposits of magnetic iron in the area’s volcanic soil.
It is extremely sad to know that the “Sea Of Trees” is said to be “a perfect place to die” for determined suicidals. Because they understand they will never ever walk out of the forest alive again.

Actually, Aokigahara Jukai is not quite the spooky and creepy image everyone have. There are in fact a few hiking trails for adventurous nature lovers to enjoy. Conducted tours are available too. But of course, venturing out of these trails are strictly forbidden and taken at your own risk.

From the amount of suicides, Aokigahara Jukai is undoubtedly nothing but an eerie haunted place to many. But in the eyes of mother nature, this is just a forest, beautiful, magical and full of life…

It is a place which I would want to visit someday. But NOT ALONE for sure!

JAPAN - Aokigahara, the forest of suicides

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