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Date: 2012/01/30

Accident prevention

In Japan, train disruptions caused by passengers falling into the rail tracks are frequent. It can get into you especially when you are rushing for time.

I had a close shave too, the other day when I was heading for the airport on a flight back to Singapore. Just as I was settling comfortably into one of the seats, an announcement came. Imagine, the train will stop due to passenger falling into the track (*○*)!!

My brain went empty! I had a plane to catch! (@.@ ;;)
Not only me, in fact, the whole station was in chaos, flooded with people rushing to the staffs asking for other transport means and when the train is scheduled to start moving. Poor staffs! They need to handle all these.

Fortunately, I made it for my flight. But every time when such accidents happened, it had me wondering why railway companies in Japan though having such remarkable history and technologies, did not make efforts to take measures on repeated human accidents. Few stations have auto doors setup.

These pictures were taken from Singapore’s railway platform. At least they prevent such accidents from happening.

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